In Tshivenda ’ngululu’ is a generic noun for an antelope. We chose the greater kudu (mountain kudu or berg kudu) in contrast with one of the smallest antelopes ‘mbila’ or ‘klipspringer’ that is one of the ‘Tiny Ten’ antelopes of Southern Africa. We chose the greater kudu in awe and reverence of its prowess. This type of an antelope is tenacious and majestic. It has universal appeal and it is acclaimed in Africa as a clan’s or a place’s name. The male horns can be used as a trumpet. The kudu is a delight for both humans and predators. Its biltong is delicious and its hide is a thing of beauty!

The investment policy of Ngululu is guided by the following philosophy:

  • Must be able to take a controlling share in the business.
  • The business must have high growth prospects.
  • The investment must be strategic and balanced in the sense that it must have a good track record if it is an existing company, the must be a ready market for the products or services by the target investment with strong future prospects.
  • Targets a ROI of 20% and a 7% dividend yield
  • The target investment must have good exit prospects through a JSE Listing, Management Buy-Out or be attractive to future prospective buyers.

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