Engen Petroleum, the leading petroleum products marketer in the country, is receiving glowing endorsements for its Dieselube 700 Super lubricating oil from key fleet customers. Jason Heath, product strategist for Petronas Lubricants Africa Ltd, which provides marketing and strategic support for Engen Lubricants, says customers have traditionally avoided endorsing lubricants or aligning themselves with suppliers. “That is why these endorsements are so significant for us and the market. Engen Dieselube 700 is our top-of-the-range lubricating oil for the commercial fleet market. For a wide range of customers to endorse it for the long haul is a significant indication of the oil’s superior performance and value.” In addition, Engen has strong and enduring relationships based on good service to the fleet industries - on- and off-highway – including automotive transport (trucks and buses), agriculture (tractors) and mining.

Satisfies all requirements

Cargo Carriers, a JSE-listed transportation, supply chain and logistics service provider, singles out Dieselube 700 Super’s quality and versatility. “We’re happy with what we’re seeing when we open our engines,” says Piet Potgieter, technical manager. “With over 3500 wheels on the road and a footprint stretching from Durban to the DRC, our industry is a tough environment. We serve many industries, each with unique requirements, and we cannot afford downtime. Dieselube 700 Super delivers.”

Low failure rate

Fuel distribution company Crossroads Distribution highlights the long life of engines using Dieselube 700 Super. “To distribute fuel from East London across the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and the Transkei, you’re looking at 70 million litres of fuel per year. That’s a distance of more than 1.3 million kilometres. In this time we’ve not had a single engine that failed due to faulty bearings,” says Bennie Thiart, Maintenance Manager, Crossroads Distribution, Western Cape

Customer satisfaction

“Our switch to Dieselube 700 Super was a strategic one,” says Freddy Sinthumule , Chief Executive Officer of Ngululu Bulk Carriers, a transport and Logistics Company based in Steelpoort, Limpopo. “We currently operate 300 inter-link trucks hauling mining commodities, predominantly in chrome and platinum country on the Eastern limb of the Bushveld, and also coal, copper and nickel concentrates. There’s never been a reason to complain since switching to Dieselube 700 Super.”

Massive growth

Engen’s Heath says the common theme of endorsements tends to be the lubricant’s performance. “Aside from Engen’s standing as a valued supplier, Dieselube 700 Super’s industry leading product performance has been rewarded by double-digit volume growth in the last five years.”