iChip Corporation (Pty) Ltd

iChip specializes on technologies that focuses on business processes improvement. The focus is on biometrics, RFID and Energy Saving technologies targeted at  improving efficient and effective use of resources. Biometric technology enables a user to use their own unique "digital signature" on their person (fingerprints, iris, hand geometry etc.) to ensure authenticated user presence and physical access to facilities is controlled effectively. Due to the cost advantages and industry ready hardware solutions that are available  for  fingerprint  technology and RFID systems, iChip selected Biometrics as their primary Time and Attendance offering, and RFID technology for high volume asset and personal tracking.

Effective resource management needs precise information in real-time and in our fastmoving environment, the ability to quickly know and exchange the right information is the key to optimum productivity (and profitability), and the integration of Biometrics solutions empowers organizations to leverage information to the level where they are enabled to make timely data based decisions.