Toolhound South Africa is a South African owned company and a sub-licensee of ToolHound Incorporated, Canada.

Since 1985, ToolHound software has been deployed internationally at companies of all sizes across a variety of industries such as engineering, construction, mining, power generation, chemical and tool/equipment rental.

The solution offers effective and easy to use monitoring, tracking and location of valuable assets, thereby staff accountability is increased, tool hording is reduced which in turn leads to cost savings and increased productivity.

ToolHound assist businesses to schedule regular maintenance and track employee certification (OHS Act), this will lead to safer working practices.

It is web browser-based management software. Tools, equipment and consumables can be managed remotely at any time and from anywhere. Customer controlled hosting (own server) is also offered.

The software is scalable and delivers a prompt return on investment through:

  • Streamlined inventory reconciliation and tool control
  • Reduction in equipment losses and tool hording
  • Comprehensive tool and equipment visibility
  • Time saving when tools and equipment are issued and returned
  • Ensuring tools and equipment are issued to appropriately trained and qualified personnel, reducing risk in the workplace
  • Improving productivity by the right equipment/tool is in the right place at the right time
  • Resale of obsolete and excessive tools/equipment

ToolHound has been developed over many years by industry experts for industry.