Ngululu Holdings Limited (Ngululu) is a broad based black-owned investment holding company. It is focused on opportunities in the mining and minerals, transport and logistics, ICT, renewable energy, manufacturing and agro-processing.

It's a dynamic company intent on capturing long-term investments that offer high growth prospects underpinned by sustainable dividend earnings potential. Our business mantra is to secure strategic equity participation while providing investee companies with strategic, business and operational leadership and direction.

Ngululu was started in 1998 by businessman, Tshililo Christopher Luvhani and was registered in 1999. From inception the company has enjoyed having skilled professionals in its ensemble of over 70 beneficial shareholders. Ngululu has passion for and targets "non-transformed" medium-sized businesses.

Ngululu has succeeded in meaningfully repositioning various entities, some of which now form part of its group portfolio. The group has over 1000 people in its employ, of whom over 90% are Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDSA's).

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A capable and creative team consists Ngululu's Board of Directors.